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You need to determine which pieces of the input you actually want and separate those out from all the rest of the text.

In the Fibonacci XML-RPC example, you need to extract the text string between the Reading the response XML document is more work than writing the request document, but still plausible.

The only significant difference is that in the XML-RPC case, neither the compiler nor the virtual machine can do any type checking.

Thus you may want to be a bit more explicit about handling a case in which something unexpected is returned.

- What aspects of XML processing are optional for a validating parser?

- There is a major distinction between reading a DTD and validating, as James Clark states: "Reading the DTD and validating aren't the same thing.

The main point is this: Most programs you write are going to read documents written in a specific XML vocabulary.

They will not be designed to handle absolutely any well-formed document that comes down the pipe.

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- Should a web browser with an XML parser require the document author to enable validation via scripting, should validation be the default, or should the end user be able to toggle validation (and if so, how)? - Is there a need for a term to describe a parser that falls between non-validating and validating? - Ken Sall [email protected], [email protected] - Century Computing Division - App Net, Inc.This isn't true for all XML-RPC servers, but it is true for this one.If the server returned a value with a type other than double, you'd probably respond by throwing an exception, just as you would if a local method you expected to return a .Your programs will make assumptions about the content and structure of those documents, just as they now make assumptions about the content and structure of external objects.

If you are concerned that your assumptions may occasionally be violated (and you should be), then you can validate your documents against a schema of some kind so you know up front if you're being fed bad data.DTDs are just for validation" (sic; xml-dev), and "Is validity an option? - What precisely is a validating parser obligated to do?

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